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Properties Revisited

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I really like Earl Wynn's Properties expansion, but there were a few aspects of the execution I wanted to tweak in order to use it for my own game.  Now I'm nearly done with my own version of the concept so I thought I'd start previewing a bit of it.

If you're familiar with Earl Wynn's original Properties expansion, here are the key differences between the two:

  • I've generalized many of the Properties. For example, instead of having "Apple Orchard," "Cherry Orchard," "Lemon Orchard," etc., I've generalized these as simply "Orchard."
  • I've eliminated many of the extra rolls associated with Properties. While some still require a die roll to generate gold for you, most now rely on characters performing certain actions, like visiting specific spaces.
  • I've added subtypes to my Properties. Orchards, for example, are "Property - Farming" while Cottages are "Property - Home." This makes its easier for other effects to trigger off of specific types of Properties.
  • I've redone several of Earl Wynn's associated Adventure cards and added several more, along with 10 Property related cards for the City, Highland, and Woodland. Currently I don't have plans for Property-related cards to appear in the Dungeon.
  • There will also be a few odds-and-ends, such as new Characters (the Farmer, the Miner, and the Shepherd at least), a new Ending, and maybe some new Spells and a Warlock Quest.
  • Feel free to offer up some suggestions while I work on finalizing things for release. In particular, I'm still looking for a good name for this expansion. "Properties Revisited" is only a temporary place holder.

Now let's look at some examples of the basic Properties. It should be noted with these basic Properties that they can only hold gold equal to their Cost. Any gold they would gain in excess to their Cost is lost. So collect it frequently, or seek the aid of a Follower or Object that can expanding their capacity.



There are several ways of acquiring Properties as you adventure through the lands of Talisman. The easiest is to find the Surveyor Denizen, who will allow you to look through the Property deck and buy any of your choice. There are also a variety of Adventure cards of all types that will help you gain Properties:


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