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Salvage: A Sci-Fi Junkpunk Setting - On the Foundry!

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Some of you may remember Salvage! I have taken a LOT of time and energy to upgrade this puppy with some seriously fine mods! The new and improved version comes complete with art by Alwyn Talbott and Daniel Johnson, much more content like vehicles, weapons, and adversaries, and was edited by Sam Gregor-Stewart himself. 

I would love your support! Thank you so much! You can get it on the Foundry at the following link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/313294/Salvage-Genesys-SciFi-Junkpunk-Setting

Here’s the more official description thingy: 

Scorching sand hot enough to melt tires. Homicidal alien robots. Wondrous relics buried beneath mountains of junk. It’s all part of life on Omega, the last planet anyone would want to call home. Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice. What life will you salvage from the wreckage? Will you hunt down rusting mechanical monsters? Salvage valuable scrap from the wrecked starships of your ancestors? Discover mysterious technology within timeworn alien ruins? How will you build your destiny in this dangerous land? 

This setting supplement for the Genesys roleplaying game provides an original science fiction, post-apocalyptic world for Game Masters and players to survive and explore. This supplement includes: 

  • 4 new archetypes, 16 new careers, and 50 new talents great for this or any post-apocalyptic junkpunk setting. 
  • New rules for six psychic powers including astral projection, telekinesis, and reiki healing. 
  • New rules for salvaging scrap and tech from wreckage and ruins, and for using that scrap and tech to build or mod weapons and gear.
  • Weapons, gear, and vehicles to prepare you for treks into the harsh and vicious Dustlands.
  • A wide assortment of adversaries, from merciless scavengers to deadly alien robots. 
  • A detailed setting full of mysteries to explore and uncover.  

Stay tuned for future adventures and expansions in the world of Salvage! 


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4 hours ago, Zszree said:

Gratz buddy!  That, as we would say on FTN, is 50 pieces of awesome!!!



Thank you! And thank you for the mention on the show! I’ve been meaning to send a “listener feedback” saying thanks for the shoutouts! 

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