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Custom Ship: Consular-class cruiser (Charger c70 retrofit)

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Easiest thing would be to use exactly CR-90 stats.  That'd be a good way to ensure balance, even if it's less cool.

For homebrew, Republic doesn't have a "smaller" Huge Ship.  Something closer in stats to a Gozanti or C-ROC would make it feel rather different from a CR-90.

  • Weapons: Left/Right arcs, 3 dice.
  • Initiative 7/Engage 1
  • Hull 12, Shields 4 (1 recharge)
  • Energy 3 (1 recharge)
  • Upgrades: Command, Hardpoint, Crew, Crew, Team, Cargo, Cargo, Configuration
  • Dial: Borrow from C-ROC
  • Actions: Focus, Reinforce, Lock, red Jam, Coordinate
  • Base Price 60
  • Configuration:
    • Diplomatic Refit: 0 points.  -1 primary weapon value, +1 Shield.  Lose Hardpoint upgrade, gain Crew, Cargo.  At the end of your turn, regain 1 Energy and 1 shield.
    • Judicial Refit: 20 points.  +2 Hull, -1 Shield, +2 Energy.  Adds Turret, Missile slots. You must treat the "Front V Arc" on your missile upgrades as (Left > < Right arcs).  Bonus Attack: Spend 1 Energy to perform a {Turret} or {Missile} attack.


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I'm just going to say your very probably going to end up getting an official version eventually, so give it a real good thinking at and see how close you get for fun!

Making it the smaller size would be interesting, but I'm not sure it would then feel 'right'.

I'd also be keen on using the configuration slot to show off the Salon Pod feature. That's a sweet idea. Maybe though you have the base cost represent a mid-level load out, then have the Diplo be a discount that represents the lighter one and the enforcer be the heavy. That way you get a third distinct-ish ship out of the same card pool.

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This ship is full of potential. It can be fitted like an un-armed support ship like the GR-75 for the initial Radiant VII config.

And Yes, the C70 retrofit is close to the CR-90. I would remove one or two Hull and Shield since these where not build to be war vessels. Anything in between works. It simply depends on how intensive the initial Diplomatic ship was rettrofited. 



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