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Range band sizes

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Has anyone made some general range band sizes? I was thinking of making some ultimate dungeon terrain 2.0 with the general range bands but I'm not sure of how big I need to make it for range bands. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Could be wrong, but it sounds like the OP is asking how to map 1" style terrain to each range band?  If so, there's nothing official obviously, but one list I thought was reasonable was something like:

  • Engaged:  1"
  • Short:  5"
  • Medium:  10"
  • Long:  20" (it's two moves from Medium to Long)
  • Extreme:  30" (two moves from Long to Extreme)

The only thing with creating terrain for this game is that no map is large enough to contain any action.  Detailed maps often make players go "wow", but if there's a speeder or a catwalk or an elevator involved, you're off the map in a turn or two.

My solution for this has been to dispense with fixed maps, and instead use static shots and images pulled from the web to describe the scene (giving that wow factor), then I use hand drawn maps on 11x17 graph paper with a 1/4" grid, using pencil to erase and adjust positions.  Even then I often run out of room or the players have split up so I'm on 2 or 3 sheets.

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