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The future of Genesys Emporium

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Hey everyone!

Some exciting news to share! We at RPG Sessions have approached @SkyJedi and offered to take over development of the Genesys Emporium project, to which he has graciously accepted. We want to cover a bit of what this means both for RPG Sessions and the Emporium moving forward. Before we get to that, we want to extend a huge amount of thanks to SkyJedi for all the work he has done in building such an amazing tool for the community. This is no small project and he's invested so many hours into building it for everyone to use. From all of us, Thanks!

Now, into the finer details. The Genesys Emporium was and will remain an open source project, we have no plans to change that. We hope to use our resources, together with community support, to continue development of the Emporium and keep it up to date with future releases of Genesys source book material. The repository itself has moved here https://github.com/Unbound-Legends/RPG-Web-Character-Creator and we want to encourage anyone who would like to contribute to that project to do so! Over the next weeks and months, we'll be taking a look at some of the needs of the platform and creating a roadmap for the project, including support for the upcoming Keyforge book and some design improvements.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and kind words, and we will continue to provide the best possible tools for your online RPG experience.  Happy gaming!

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