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AwesomeTree in the Dark is converting most of the Drakon heroes- with the dwarf to be Grisban's brother- didn't have a name yet so I made some suggestions- what do people think?


As there's the beer connection/Grisban link I was thinking a name along the lines of ---something--- the merry, where --something--- is along lines of Quickwit, Quenchthirst, Speedwell, some name like that. For some reason I first thought Quicksand and these ideas evolved from there. Why Quicksand I have no idea 🙂 Human brains!

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Grasbin the drunk


It'd be awesome if he had some kind of bonus if he had one free hand (to hold the drink) and a malus if using both hands.

Maybe some fatigue/health recovery each turn with a free hand, and  suffering fatigue otherwise? (to make him different from One-fist)

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If we look at the other male dwarf heroes. They seem to often have names containing the letter "R" and 1 or 2 syllables.

Augur, Corbin, Grisban, Krutzbeck, Raythen and Glyr.

Maybe naming him pretty similar to Grisban would be fitting and extra obvious for the people who do not follow this forum, but are in our play groups.

An example is the dwarf brothers in "The Hobbit" who are called Fili and Kili.

Here are some examples that I'm not too happy with, but you get the point! 🙂









And the titles I can think of right now are:

The Merry

The Jolly

The Lucky

The Cheery

The Delighted  

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But back to the serious matter (or beer) in hand- he certainly fits 'the merry' figure wise- looking rather in victory celebration mode, so I think 'the merry' works as it also echoes 'the thirsty'


Having explored ideas further Grisban's quite clever as 'grist' is a beer term, which led me to quite an apt name which with two t's seems unique as well (without the second 't' there was a dragon-giant-entity Gristun in an older fantasy gamebook 'Blood Sword' making this a nice geek-level accidental 'easter egg') so:


Gristtun the Merry


with two t's as it's then a combo of grist and tun, both being beer-related terms that are actually related - the grist (ground malt and grains) is processed in a tun - all three beery meanings of tun add to the fun value of the name:

  1. 1.
    a large beer or wine cask.
    • a brewer's fermenting vat.
  2. 2.
    an imperial measure of capacity, equal to 4 hogsheads.
  1. store (wine or other alcoholic drinks) in a tun dwarf.

I also quite like the idea of him maybe being a healer as these perhaps don't get so much attention and his brother-to-be is a warrior making them rather nice opposites and maybe Gristtun could be designed to be a good combo with his brother ("my brother ends fiends, me, I mends friends. Grisban is good at make hurty, Gristtun is good at make happy"). Real names often have their origins in job roles, so a brewer career backstory would fit both Gristtun's potion and other healing-relevant experimenting and his brother's 'feistier' nature, both of which might owe something to their former profession/'hobby' 🙂 Taverns need their suppliers, so maybe both were once brewers by way of a career. I feel there is scope for Gristtun to be the more chilled of the pair in contrast to his brother- see description below. He'd actually be great for RPG use in that respect so it's the name/role I'll use for my RPG use of 'previously unnamed dwarf piece from Drakon'- as he's a good character for bringing joy and merriment to strengthen his fellow heroes in times of darkness.


On Grisban (Descent): "His skill with an axe is undeniable and his love of good, strong beer memorable. An oft-repeated joke (oft-repeated by Grisban, at least), is that no one is certain if his name should be “Grisban the Bloodthirsty” or “Grisban the Beer-thirsty.” Consensus seems to have settled on simply “the Thirsty.” Grisban drinks with a will and fights with a terrible rage, both seeming to hint at a darker reason for leaving his home than he has yet been willing to share. "


As an aside on dwarf names, Augur is Augur Grisom so also has a Grisban echo in the surname.

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