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The Small Council

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I want to introduce the small council (https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Small_council) to the GoT Boardgame to give lower positions on the iron throne track also some more credit and to implement very important offices in the saga like The Hand of the King in the game.

We play a fan made version with 11 players (+Bolton, Tully, Aegon Targaryen) and Targaryen is not fixed on the last position on the influence tracks like in MoD.

The respective positions on the Iron Throne Influence Track take over the corresponding offices:

1.       King: Can break non-battle-ties like in base game

2.       Hand oft he King:

a.       An additional ability is unlocked for a special house card per house. Example:

                                                               i.      Eddard Stark: After the fight, you can recruit a foot soldier into an uncontrolled area that is adjacent to an area you control.

b.       Once per round: Swap a position between position 3-8 on the Iron thorn track. (Only possible in Westerosphase before the Westeros cards are read out)

3.       Lord Commander of the Kingsguard:


a.       Once per round: In this combat, you get a fortification or a sword symbol. Cannot be used in a battle against the king.


4.       Master of whisperers:

a.       Once per round: Pay one power token: In combat, you only have to choose your house card after your opponent has played his house card.

5.       Master of Laws (MoL):

When a non-MoL player loses a battle against the player who is the King you can decide which one of the following punishments will be spoken against the losing player.

1.       Send the house card used in this battle to the wall. But this house card on top of the wildlings deck. When the wildlings attack the printed power of the house card is added to the bidding of the player who owned this house card once. After the wildings attack the house card is permanently removed from the game. There can only be one house card on top of the wildlings deck at any time.

2.       Reduce the position of the house on one of the influence tracks by one.

3.       Reduce the position of the house on the supply track by one

The punished player can bribe the master of laws by giving him one of his available power tokens so he won’t suffer the chosen punishment.

6.       Master of ships:

a.       Once per round: In this turn, treat an order on one of your ships as if it were the special order of its kind.

7.       Master of coin:

a.       Once per round: If a consolidate power order is executed to receive power tokens, the player receives an additional power token.

8.       Grand Maester:


a.       Once per round (only at the end of the Westerosphase): View the top card from a Westeros card deck.



Would be happy to read what you think about it. How would you rate offices 3-8 in strength?

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Hey Merowinger69, 

Very interesting & relevant ideas indeed!

Would you have more Hand of the King  proposals per House?

What i didn't get is how you managed to play w 11 players.



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Hi Xadji,

Hand of the King effects:

Bolton: Roose Bolton: If you win this battle, you can decide to remove your opponents house card from the game.

Greyjoy: Asha Greyjoy: This house card gets +2 strength.

Tully: Edmure Tully: Draw an additional tides of battle card.

Arryn: Petyr Baelish: If you win this battle increase your position by one on one influence track / on all influence tracks if you are hand of the king. If you lose this battle you gain one power token / three power token when you are hand of the king.

Baratheon: Davos Seaworth: All your ships have +1 strength in this battle.

Tyrell: Maes Tyrell: Ability like in base game but can now also target ships.

Martell: Doran Martell: Ability like in base game but can now do it on two influence tracks.

Daenerys: Barristan Selmy: +1 Sword- and +1 Fortification symbol. Your units in this battle won’t be routed.

Aegon Targaryen: Jon Connington: Upgrade participating footman to knight.

Yes, it’s possible with 11 players but you need one whole day 😉

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΅Woah, Merrowinger69 that's fascinating! I assume by "one whole day" you mean the full 24-hour 😉

To get 10 more players' commitment is THE most challenging action. A special March Token probably applies! 

Many thanks for the ideas, they seem very fitting to the story. I am still not sure how you've managed to incorporate Bolton, Tully & Aegon Targaryen Houses and House Cards into play. Have you developed them by yourself or used what's available from the other expansions (never played other than the Mother of Dragons so i may be missing something)


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