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Quick Thinking + leaving Arkham Woods: twisting paths

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Leo Anderson and Rex Murphy are in Arkham Woods: twisting paths* location.
Rex is trying to exit it, and Leo commits Quick Thinking** to his test (he still can as Rex hasn't yet left the location).
Skill test is successful by 2 or more.

Question: does Leo take an extra action first (let's say, he want to drop Dynamite into the location where Rex is going to move to) OR does Rex move into the connected location first?

As I see it, the skill test is a nested sequence inside the move action, and movement itself is not a part of a successful skill test, so the skill test fully resolves before Rex can move, so Leo can make the extra action immediately after the skill test concludes, as part of the sequence nested inside Rex's move action.
On the other hand, one can think of the movement conclusion as part os skill test resolving, so it will happen on ST.7 of skill test, and Leo will be taking his free action only after Rex has finished movement.

What's the right timing of Rex's movement conclusion?

* Forced - When you move out of this location: Test INT(3). If you fail, cancel the effects of the move.
** If this skill test is successful by 2 or more, after it resolves, you may immediately take an action as if it were your turn.

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I think your first assessment is correct because movement isn't part of the test success. The woods seem to trigger before you've actually moved, with failure canceling the move and success doing nothing. The "nested sequence" answer looks right to me.

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Yeah, though so.
If ├ means beginning of move action, → means actual movement, () denotes skill test and [] denotes Quick thinking's extra action timing, this sequence looks legit:
├ ( INT 3 ) [extra action] → 
Whereas here we have interweaving of move action and skill test:
├ ( INT 3 → ) [extra action] 

And interweaving of sequences just should not happen as per Nested Sequences FAQ section – inner sequence must be complete before the outer one may continue.

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