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Problem when using opponent's Auto-Legionary

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I came up of a problem concerning Auto-Legionary (WC-214): (Artifact, Action: Put Auto-Legionary on a flank of your battleline. While in the battleline, it is considered a creature with 5 power and belongs to all houses.)

If I get to use my opponent's Auto-Legionary (for example, by Remote Access, Poltergeist, etc.), what will exactly happen?

According to the official FAQ in the rule book about "Replicator" interacting with "Sanctum Guardian", we cannot change the control of any creatures unless stated by the card effects. At this point of view, I would say that in my case, Remote Access has no effect, but that sound pretty weird to me.



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Posted (edited)

Someone recently got an email clarification to this question.  The article for Auto-Legionary on Archon Arcana has just been updated.


The Auto-Legionary will exhaust and try to move to your battleline, but when it cannot it will stay right where it is--an exhausted artifact under your opponent's control.

I don't totally agree with the reasoning presented (i.e. "put" and "move" being equivalent), but the result matches how I thought it should work.

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