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Arcane Cowboy

Dracula Imperator

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Dracula Imperator: 

“Hail Union! Hail Imperator! Hail Dracula!”


In the final months of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Fortunately, disaster was averted when Cabinet Secretary Vladimir Tepes, previously known only as a ‘special aide’ to the president, revealed himself to the nation. With seeming inhuman drive and oracular vision, he worked with General Grant to bring a speedy close to the war. In short order, the Senate appointed Dracula President of the United States, then granted him powers for life and the title of Imperator. With victory won, the work of restoring and expanding the Union is guided by the indefatigable Vlad Dracul, President for life, Imperator of the United States of America.


Emperor Dracula’s great work is opposed by necromancers, madmen, and religious fanatics. But he does not blanch in the face of these terrors. Indeed, the Imperator inspires terror in his enemies. Using agents known as “Red Wolves”, he strikes his enemies down and works his will on the nation. Through them, the once-shattered Union is being knit back together. Through them, the boundaries of the nation are expanded into once-lawless territory. Through them, his will is done and the Union is saved.


Our heroes are a team of Federal Marshals (aka Red Wolves) sent by the Secretary of Interior, Bartholomew T. Whittaker, to begin negotiations with the Syndic of New Orleans for the readmission of the Louisiana Territory into the Union. They are to escort the chargé d'affaires there, ensure his safety, and escort him back to Washington DC unharmed. 


This was lifted from a skirmish game called Dracula's America. We've done three sessions, and it's become a mashup of source material of the skirmish game, Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade, and another skirmish game, Carnevale. Set in San Francisco with the first season intended to end with the discovery of an ancient interdimensional portal found in the wasteland of western Colorado. 

Currently using magic rules as written, with bonuses and set backs based on magical tradition, number of sleepers, and Regio (lifted from Ars Magica). Players are having fun. Will conclude the first story then try to codify some stuff and do a proper conversion of the magic system. 

Above art copyright of Osprey Games from Dracula's America rulebook.

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