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Forbidden Stars Expansion

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I've recently created a new 4 faction Expansion that I worked on for several months before posting it on the BGG forums - Apocalypic Times 

The way the combat cards were put together establishes itself as balanced from the start between the newly created factions and those of the base game, you can read about how that came to be in post 1, more importantly, it should jump out at you when you view the cards. Additionally, all the rules of the base game apply to this expansion as well.

2 Table top Simulator mods have the expansion in it - Uncle Phils remastered edition and thehivemind5's scripted version.

A save file for a Table Top Simulator mod is available on this main FS Discord (170+ members) as well as an errata for use with the Expansion factions.



Current State: Faction mats of the base game have been repurposed for the meantime while an artist gets to work on them, however, due to the amount of proper (paid) work, they are around 2-4 weeks away.

Homeworld tiles are also being looked at by a member of bgg who has offered to help, not sure on those yet but will update this OP as and when.

A pnp file will be set up when everything comes together and the TTS mods wil also get updated.


Thank you for looking and we hope to see you on the discord if you aren't already there. :)




PS. I am also looking at starting a thread about the Astra Militarum in which I aim to encourage other members of the FS community to put down their thoughts and help create a faction that can be played with the base game and my newly created factions. A mock up of what I have so far will be included to help decide on the direction of orders and event cards - everything up for debate of course, but I want to see what the community can come up with, especially in terms of combat card effects.


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