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Vital Assets -VIP's for Rebels and Imps?

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in the near future, most uf as will have the vital assets, and if I understood it right, you can add the battlecards to the pool, to creat your battlecarddeck for a tournament, right? They have no small fluffy Icon in the right corner, like the cards from the escapepod or the ATST. 


In Case we (don't) get models for Imps and Rebels as hostages (and have to do it our self), what would you like to see?


Hard, maybe scientists, like the ones we saw in rogue one? Or an maybe tarkin? Young for Republic, old for Imps?



Senator? Well the one in the box is a senator, if i remember right from clone wars...

Maybe a Admiral of the fleet (Would also work for Imps)? From the Mon Calamari? 



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