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Vertically Challenged

New Deck :D

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So, after a long and somewhat much needed break from the game ive walked back to the closet and pulled out my cards and made a new deck for myself :D Its based around micky lvl 1 :P haha it accually works really well in terms of, all my cards can get killed and next turn I will be back to my lvl 4s with no problem. Id love some suggestions though :D you know, If anyones out there haha :P

PLAYER CARD: Promo riku lvl 2

Tidus x2
The king

Micky Mouse x2
Phil x2
(Im doing this by memory so i cant really remember atm my level 1s :S)

Yuffie x2
Triton x2
Cheshire cat

Donald (Draw a card one) x2
Goofy (Draw a card) x2

Simba x3 (Magic friend)

Sephy x2

Soul Eater x3

Wyvern x2
Behemoth x3
Captain Hook
Destiny Island
Monstro x2

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Well I was mainly speaking in terms of Equipment.  Set 4 sort of introduced a Meta where Sora is the more powerful player card in challenges and in Racing.  I'm wondering how your deck would fare against a Valor Deck, Aggro or Racer.  You've got plenty of Friend control that's for sure, but a Valor Deck doesn't need friends because it's an 18 or 19 Attack on it's own without help from Ultima and Sephy. 

Now sure you can argue that they've got to get to that point first, but you don't have that much card advantage to consistantly beat them to setup and hold them there.  Cards like DiZ (since you're running Riku), Equipment like Oblivion and Olympia, even an Auron become much more of a factor in the Aggro game after Set 4. In my opinion of course.

T_T I've so missed deck debate...Check out mine and let me know what you think! ^_^

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Ive played a couple times agaisnt gregs valour deck and my deck is good enough to beat it, it has a lot of power and I was beating the power of his valour card, i mean the focus is getting out level 4 cards and level 4 goof has 7 attack which definetly cant just be shrugged off, along with sephy and another high level friend I have alot to beat his valour, especially if I played a simba that turn to kill his friends if monstro is out, and if not i play a lot of friends to jack up my attack power....kind of a dumb explanation seeing as that was all pretty basic stuff there :P  but it does have the power to beat a valour deck. :) I definetly thought about adding in equipment but found I haad no room and in the end I didnt think there was anything worth cutting to add it, so I decided agaisnt it...If I decided to add equipment and toss out a friend that has a higher power generally I would want to start thinking of adding card in my deck that could stop abu and other cardsthat hurt equipment then im changing my deck around a bunch...long story short I decieded agaisnt equipment but not without a lot of thought put into the decision.
The main idea in the deck is being able to consistently get up to level 4 friends easily and very quickly and with that comes higher level friends in play all the time and higher level friends have high attack power generally.  Because that is the focus of my deck, it means it has a lot of power so it can outpower an aggro deck and can quickly kill a WR before they can race to there worlds(Lots of strong dark cards to stall them on the higher worlds and try and cause escapes or them having to stall to kill them. I know theres only a couple but the level 3 donald and goofys have extra drawing power which helps bring out my dark cards. ( I also know when to start hoarding dark cards in my hand and when to dump them onto the worlds) and with all the high friends, I can keep up with a valor deck, and if I can get rid of there valor cards that shud hurt them enough to get a win....
Im rambling from also being excited about deck debating :D

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UGGHHHH...I want to bring up all these amazing Japanese cards but I can't! It's not fair! *shakes fist at FFG*

Alright, fair enough...can't argue with some good ol' fashioned playtesting, especially against Greg.  I'm wondering though if that Level 4 Donald is necessary. Seems to me some extra power could go there instead; seeing as how you've got the other Donalds for casting and I can't imagine it's so hard to draw into the Simbas that you would need the search.  Maybe a spot finally opens up for the aforementioned Equipment, an Auron (since you're heavy on the friend kill), or..again...DiZ.  He's a level 1 +7 even if ya don't use his ability.  Now granted I don't completely agree with that ruling but hey, it's an official one, dead game or not. 


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Maestro Dawn's right, this deck would benefit heavily from DiZ and Auron, either for powerplays or general field control. Find room to slot in an Olympia or Fariy Harp as well.

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ugh, i totally wish I had another goofy level 4, cause that would be my number one choice, but your definetly right about donald level 4, looking at it now he seems very unnecissary....ill look into auron and diz but im still not sold on the equipment in this deck yet....
trothael, do you mean the fairy harp that switches your attacks around? because rtheres nothing in my deck worth cutting for that :P lol (sorry i have a huge hate for that card :D ) anyways, having just one equipment seems so silly to me, when you use equipment in a deck, then your deck should have some cards in it to try and make sure that the equipment stays out and I dont have room to allowcate any resources to protect my equpiment, so in the end, I am beter of with another friend or attack card or auron/diz or maybe another world or dark card...
On another note, I looked at your deck and I have a few suggestions for you but I dont know any of the japanese cards so it'll take some time cause I need to read what they all do but ill try to get back to u asap :D

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I do see your point about the Equipment...although it's not entirely necessary to add back up cards for it, since there isn't very much equipment hate in the English cards....There's a TON in the Japanese sets though, but that's neither here nor there when talking about your deck. 

I'm not to sure about another World or Dark Card...those areas seem fine, especially with the Cheshire Cat.  It would be tough to decide between another Goofy 4, Auron, or DiZ.  Each one has it's own strategic component whereas Goofy is beef and fetches more beef, Auron is bigger beef and could potentially kill off their Sephy, and DiZ is beef over time...decisions decisions...

Oh, and I figured it would take you awhile to look over my deck since it has so many cards that most are unfamiliar with...I look forward to your suggestions though madame. ^_^

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