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Vengeance of Mordor #6 Spoiler Article

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The Fires of Industry

Announcing the sixth Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle 

"Together, my lord Sauron, we shall rule this Middle-earth. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machine of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the tractor." - Thane Ulchor

After rescuing the prisoners from their fierce Easterling enslavers, you have finally reached Thane Ulchor's stronghold.  As you draw near to his fortress of Dol Rhugar, however, you have come across something you did not expect: Thane Ulchor is breeding an army, with a single purpose: to destroy the world of men. But this army is not comprised of anything you have come across before. Thane Ulchor is forging an army of sentient tractors, preparing to plow over all of Middle-Earth.

Bobbymcbobface is happy to announce The Fires of Industry, the sixth and final Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! Beginning after you rescue the prisoners in The Land of Sorrow, this 60-card Adventure Pack pits your party against fierce intelligent tractors and their fell allies in the final epic showdown of the final cycle of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! Can you save Middle-Earth?

Battle of the Ages

The end of your journey has arrived. Your journeys have led you from Thranduil's palace, through Moria, through many battles in the realm of Gondor, to Isengard and Dunland, to the lost realm of Arnor, as far away as the fabled ruins of Númenor, to the blistering sand of Harad, to the wilds of Rhovanion, and finally through Rhûn and Mordor to this final clash. 

In this quest, a new mechanic, representing the overwhelming forces of the tractors of Mordor, is introduced. The Tractor Deck is comprised of 10 Tractor cards, some enemies, and some tractor treachery attachments, which enter play through various card effects. The Tractor of Mordor, for example, will plow allies under wheel if the players do not take it down soon enough.

Tractor of Mordor

Enemy - Engagement Cost 32

3 Threat

5 Attack

3 Defense

7 Hitpoints

Forced: After a Tractor card is revealed from the Tractor deck, either the first player discards the highest cost ally he controls, or Tractor of Mordor makes an immediate attack against the first player.


Other Tractor cards, such as the Rolling Bulldozer treachery, can attach to enemies and boost them.

Rolling Bulldozer


When Revealed: Attach to the non-Tractor enemy in play with the lowest engagement cost. Counts as a Tractor attachment with the text: "Attached enemy gets +3 Hitpoints and gains Immune to Player Card effects. Forced: After attached enemy is destroyed, search the Tractor deck for a Tractor enemy and put it into play engaged with you. Shuffle the Tractor deck.


Of course, the main objective of this battle is to take down Thane Ulchor and burn his tractor barns before the unstoppable might of the machines of war is released upon Middle-Earth.

Thane Ulchor - Unique

Enemy - Engagement Cost 50

4 Threat 

6 Attack

6 Defense

9 Hitpoints

Cannot be optionally engaged.

While Thane Ulchor has a Tractor card attached, he gets -50 engagement cost and gains Forced: When Thane Ulchor attacks, either reveal the top card of the Tractor deck or he gets +2 attack and defense until the end of the round.

Forced: When the players advance to Stage 3B, attach the set aside Ulchor's Tractor to Thane Ulchor and place Thane Ulchor engaged with the first player.


Ulchor's Tractor


While attached to Thane Ulchor, Ulchor's Tractor gains Forced: After attached enemy takes damage, reveal the top card of the Tractor deck.

Attached enemy gets +1 attack and defense and gains indestructible and regenerate 3 while another Tractor enemy is in play.

Called to Adventure

The all-out battle against Thane Ulchor and his evil force of tractors will test not just your skill in battle, but also your ability to fight, and take control of, sentient machines. Muster your party and fight for the freedom of Middle-Earth in The Fires of Industry!

Pre-order your copy of The Fires of Industry never because it will never be at your local retailer today or online through our website with free shipping in the continental United States


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10 hours ago, General_Grievous said:

Haha I'm so confused, but can Legolas dual-ride two tractors since we don't seem to be getting a barrel-riding attachment?

That would be amazing!


8 hours ago, OlorinCZ said:

Can....can I ride 3 tractors if I Have The three hunters contract?

Ooo. Hadn't thought about that. Might break the game...

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What do you suppose we'll actually see? I'd say it's definite that we'll defeat Thane Ulchor and use the encounter set that includes his guards. It might be interesting to see Khamul the Easterling again, too. I'd imagine the setting would be Ulchor's fortress, but Barad-Dur would be a close second for the final location. Any ideas as to what the mechanics might be?

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I am hoping for a quasi-black game opens kind of deal, pretty much obviously the final quest will use “The Power of Mordor” cards along with whatever new encounter cards it introduces. So it would be pretty epic to have to put all of those cards into play at the start of the quest. And your mission is to lead a raid on Mordor to kill off Thane whole fighting off the denizens of that place. That would be sweet.

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4 hours ago, Felswrath said:

It wouldn't be the most exciting, but I kind of want to see them do a reworking of The Morgul Vale. "We've done this once before, Ulchor, let's do it again!"

I've always been kind of disappointed there isn't a direct assault on Minas Morgul scenario, so yeah, that would be cool.

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