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A rather derivative fantasy-with-technology setting - Into the Depths

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It's nothing original, but I thought I would share what I've done anyway. This is my first Genesys campaign and I thought it would be fun to do something homebrew. During our session zero it came out that my players enjoyed Final Fantasy and Diablo, so I got the idea of dungeon delving with magical technology. A lot of the content for species and careers is from Realms of Terrinoth, with a few reflavouring options. For example, I only have two magic skills - Esper, which is about using the energy from the planet and living creatures, and Arcanics, which is more logical and about manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe.

I've put all the credits at the bottom, but I was influenced by one of the Final Fantasy settings here, and the Elder Scrolls games, plus a few pieces from the Edge of Tamriel setting here and a new species from D&D's Temple of Elemental Evil Player's Companion.

Basically, a long time ago there was a great dwarf empire across the three continents that was winning all the wars thanks to their superior magic-infused technology. Many remaining kingdoms and duchies banded together to fight them, but one day all of the dwarves disappeared (*cough* Morrowind *cough*). In the ensuing centuries, the old alliances have splintered into the original realms, all fighting each other often. The old dwarf ruins are still full of magical treasure and guarded, so the players are a part of a sort of treasure hunting guild to get stuff.

That's about all I've developed so far. There's a bit of padding in the document but a lot is just me making up names that I might turn into adventures later.


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