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New Diplomacy and Tech Cards

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Seen the new Diplomacy Strategy Card posted on the support section of the TI4 page? What do people think? Seems like a good improvement to me. Should result in it being chosen more often that it currently gets picked in my games.

The changes to the two tech cards "X-89 Bacterial Weapon" and "Magen Defense Grid" also seem good, X-89 always seemed too cumbersome to use and not worth getting as a result.

Wasn't sure how to link to here.

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They look pretty sweet. I would also like to know of a way to get these printed and sent out. I don't know how I would go about replacing the cards myself and would gladly pay a small fee to get them shipped out. Between the two tech cards and the Diplomacy strategy card, it wouldn't take more than maybe an envelope to ship. Maybe pay like $5 for it plus hsipping or something. 

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