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My One-of-everything Battlefoam storage solution

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It took me a while to figure out how to store all my figures. Here's a list of what I bought and how they fit in.


I bought 2 of these at a 2" height for all the regular figures. There were 7 left over which I put into the 2" pluck tray further down. Wider figures like Gamorreans and Riot Troopers fit nicely into the top row.





I bought one 2" and one 4" pluck tray to fit the irregular figures. I found after placing the rancor that he's about 2mm too high, so if I could do it again I'd probably get the 4.5" option instead. The first one holds everything over 2" tall: the 3 walkers, Rancor, Gaarkhan, Kanan, Bantha Rider, and Captain Terro.


This one holds irregular figures that stand under 2 inches: Vader, Inquisitor, Maul, Lando, Nexus, Tank, Wampas, Ewebs, and Jabba. Plus some regular figures after the two troop trays filled up.


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