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Clone wars skirmish photo dump

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Hi Everyone!  It’s been a while but it turns out you can generally manage taking miniature photos in a light box while listening to someone drone on in a conference call.  So I’ve taken the below this morning.  A few of these miniatures I may have posted on this forum before, but it’s been a while and I thought it would be worthwhile to post them all together.  Hope everyone is safe and comfortable.


Clone tank


Galactic Republic Leadership


clone army


Clone squads


Break for Terrain.  
Seemed like separating the forces was a good idea, and I have just painted this thing.  Very simple but I think it looks really nice.


Destroyer Droids




Dooku: in my opinion the best sculpt for Legion and a very simple model to paint and make look nice because the sculpt is both beautiful and easy to block out.


Droid army - it pains me to pose these guys in such a disorganized way, but in ranks the individual minis don’t show up.




I bought the clone wars starter to put together skirmish forces to play with my son.  I haven’t finished the BARC speeder but it’s a pretty fun pair of armies to paint.  Again, hope everyone is safe and comfortable.

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On 3/24/2020 at 1:01 PM, BigBadAndy said:


These are really cool! I love  the other schemes too, but this one stands out to me :) 

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