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Does anybody know if FFG made a book where characters can play halflings and orgres?

Or halflings or ogres stat blocks so they can fight them?

If so, does anybody have it for sale?

My playgroup recently found this game, and wanted to give it a go.  We are having a blast with it so far...

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the best edition of the game!

Rules for PC halflings and ogres are in Hero's Call, which unfortunately is near impossible to get hold of. I don't think there are any rules for NPC halflings, but Hero's Call had rules for Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres as NPCs.

I wouldn't normally direct you elsewhere, but sadly these forums are more or less dead. See my post here (if you haven't already) for other places to talk about WFRP 3rd edition: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/290375-wfrp-3rd-edition-keeping-the-game-alive/

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A Swedish FLGS with an online shop has a few Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed items in stock, including Hero's Call: https://alphaspel.se/876-warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-ed/

They do send international orders: https://alphaspel.se/international-orders/

Hero's Call does have a very high price on their online store though, I'm not certain if it's correct. If you're interested you could e-mail them and check (info@alphaspel.se).
For reference 1 kr (Swedish SEK) is about 0,10 USD. So the prices could be divided by 10 to get an approximate price in USD.

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