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Wave Heaven Chewie Awards

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4 hours ago, Ginkapo said:


Offensive Retro - Quad Laser Turrets. This upgrade has dramatically changed the game now it is the key component of a viable mass anti squad attack.

Prox mines should be an honorable mention.

Def Retro - ECM

Limited ship upgrade. If Intensify firepower was that good people would take flag bridge. 

Comms Net/Targeting Scramblers/Grav Shift Reroute could all take this one. 

Officer generic - Strategic Advisor. There is no other option. It is possible to use more than two ships in a fleet. 

Officer Imp - Pryce or Vader. Pryce we all know. Vader clinches many last ditch attacks, again and again. It is possible to use more than two ships in a fleet. 

Officer Rebel - Leia or Toryn. One has kept Slicers out of the game singlehandidly, the other is hated by imperials.

Flag Bridge technically didn't exist for this wave.

I'd also nitpick and say Thrawn kept slicers out more than Leia did

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On 3/18/2020 at 9:16 PM, Ardaedhel said:

In fact, I'd be interested to see anyone else's votes by category.  The best part of these for me has always been seeing other people's opinions on things they don't usually talk about.  So, my votes and comments were:


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Best Retrofit (Offensive)

Boosted Comms - Durr. Honorable mention to DCaps, but not honorable enough.



Best Retrofit (Defensive)

ECM - Literally broken, and only gonna get brokener till they get nerfed, either directly or indirectly.



Best Limited Ship Upgrade (Fleet Support, Experimental Retrofits, Fleet Commands)

Comms Net: singlehandedly invalidating large swaths of playstyle options since Wave 3!



Best Imperial Officer

Pryce - I don't deny that Brunson is strong, but come on Pryce is still broken as ****. Not every matchup is against the SSD.



Best Rebel Officer

Lando - "Reroll it all."



Best Weapons Team

Ordnance Experts - If you're throwing blacks, you don't get a lot of shots, and you'd **** well better make sure they land.



Best Support Team

Engine Techs - [SINGLE DISSENTING VOTER] out here being contrary just to be contrary. This one is obvious.



Best Ion Cannon

Heavy Ion Emplacements - As the options for dice fixing broaden, LS's stock drops. HIE is a whole lot of threat at range that can substantially impact the other guy's moves even without ever proccing.



Best Turbolaser

LTT - Do you have reds? Then you want rerolls. Already have them? Doesn't matter, you still want more. Also, this is the correct way to give ships antisquadron options.



Best Ordnance

ACM - Criminally underrated since their hotter little brother dropped, as the number of large ships goes up, so does ACM's value.



Best Generic Imperial Squadron

TIE Interceptors - I loved them anyway, but [person pointing out RHB synergy] nailed it.



Best Generic Rebel Squadron

YT-2400 - Clearly undercosted by a point, trivially easy to use, survivable, fast, good at everything, and rogue.



Best Imperial Ace

Maarek - Jendon in a very close second. He only didn't get it because Maarek is the more impactful of the two reasons Jendon is good.



Best Rebel Ace

Jan Ors - Lando is good. Really good. So are Hera, Shara, Dutch, and Gold. Jan is better.



Best Imperial Ship

SSD Assault



Best Rebel Ship

MC30T - I mean…



Best Imperial Title

Demolisher - Maybe I'm an old man hanging onto my old prejudices, but as stupid and dumb and silly as Squall is, Demo's still worse. At least Squall isn't so obvious about it that even brand new players immediately spot how good it is.



Best Rebel Title

Admonition. - Get rekt.



Best Imperial Commander




Best Rebel Commander

Rieekan - How's this for a measuring stick: if people are embarrassed to be seen bringing a commander, or actively looking for good reasons not to bring it, it might be too good.



Coasters to Gold

DCO - This suddenly became auto-include with the SSD drop, and how everybody with crit effects needs a game plan for dealing with this **** on the biggest bugaboo of the wave. That said, this only beats out HTT for me because nobody has actually won with HTT yet--I firmly believe it's going to see a resurgence between DCO SSDs and salvo.



Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Assault Proton Torpedoes




Best Retrofit (Offensive): Boosted Comms

Best Retrofit (Defensive): ECM

Best Limited Ship Upgrade (Fleet Support, Experimental Retrofits, Fleet Commands): G7-x Grav well - already good for locking down areas or deployment, even better now with Cataclysm Hondo Onagers going first. / Intensify Firepower - `1 token many hits

Best Generic Officer: DCO - Just a great card. Shout out to Intel Officer, Hondo, and SA.

Best Imperial Officer: Captain Brunson - annoying in general, but disgusting with the interdictor title 

Shout outs to:

  • Chiraneau - Mauler already loved him, moralo loves him more.
  • Palpatine - for 3 points anyone shooting you has to spend a token. You want to salvo him, spend a token. Just been BTavenger'd? Burn a token

Best Rebel Officer: Lando Calrissian - He just keeps you alive, or kills you even harder.. just gotta roll the dice

Shout outs to:

  • Wedge - Cloak is just OP with the right squads and the right fleet
  • Toryn - rerolls are good

Best Weapons Team: Darth Vader / Cham

Best Support Team: Engine Techs / Aux Shields Team. 

Shout out to Eng Teams on the Dictor for 9pts with a token or 3 prox mines.

Best Ion Cannon: Leading Shots - not spoiled for choice in this category 

Best Turbolaser: LTT - solid all round card that provides for everything. Also shout out to TRCs/QBTs

Best Ordnance: Assault Concussion Missiles/Racks

Best Generic Imperial Squadron: TIE Defenders

Best Generic Rebel Squadron: E-Wing

Best Imperial Ace: Col. Jendon

Best Rebel Ace: Han Solo/Corran Horn

Best Imperial Ship (no flots): ISD Kuat Refit/Gladiator 

Best Rebel Ship (no flots): MC30/75 - real hard choice

Best Imperial Title: Chimaera/Squall

Best Rebel Title: Mon Karren/Admonition 

Best Imperial Commander: Sloane/Remodi

Best Rebel Commander: Agate/Raddus

Most Improved Card (Any Slot, Turning Coasters Into Gold): Raider-2 - Corvus/Versio has made Raiders great again.

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? (For card that used to be played but is now binder fodder): Yavaris, nerf after nerf and lacking in any real rebel squadron commanders. 


The Jar-Jar Award, A WTF Were They Thinking Moment (for a card that you can’t figure out why they thought people would play it. If admiral leia wins we have to send Geek a puppy): Point Defense Reroute 

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18 hours ago, EbonHawk said:

O really, that's interesting good to know about mines, still love the 9pt eng tanking though

To clarify, it doesn't increase your Engineering Value, just your Engineering Points (which is created from your Engineering Value).  So a 5 Engineering Value 'dictor gets 6 points (5+1) for dial, 4 points (5/2 rounded up +1) for a token, or 9 points for dial + token.

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