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First time posting a build. Please let me know what you thank.

Rebels  - Author: General Stroke

Commander: Commander Kyrsta Agate

[flagship] Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I (140)
 - Commander Kyrsta Agate (20)
 - Concord (12)
 - Heavy Ion Emplacements (9)
 - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams (6)
 - Walex Blissex (5)
 - Intel Officer (7)
 - Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array (10)
 - XI7 Turbolasers (6)
 - Caitken and Shollan (6)
= 221 total points

MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)
 - Admonition (8)
 - Major Derlin (7)
 - Assault Concussion Missiles (7)
 - Ordnance Experts (4)
= 89 total points

Squadrons (87/134):
1x Millennium Falcon - Han Solo (26)
1x Shara Bey A-wing Squadron (17)
1x Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron (16)
1x Hera Syndulla Ghost (28)

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Posted (edited)


I’m not sold on the HIEs; even with Caitken and Shollan, they aren’t reliable with only 2 blues in each arc, plus there might be other dice more worth fixing in a given shot (no red hits, two blue hits: what’s the play?)  Also, though they combo with ACMs on Admo, they clash with XI7s, which are supposed to make your opponent die with shields they couldn’t use.  You could switch turbolasers, but I recommend just taking Leading Shots; it’s more reliable, they can’t contain it, and you can still pull off shenanigans with a boarding team.

How are you planning to use the Phylon Q7s?  I would assume to discard navigate tokens before dropping something to 0, but anything with Hondo/Entrapment Formation/more than 3 activations and Comms Net/a nav dial will be relatively unfazed.  It’s definitely sneaky, but I’d like it better if you had a higher activation count.

Ditto for Admo.  It’s tanky, but with 2 activations and a low bid that durability is going to be tested hard.  If you keep it, I’d consider Lando over Derlin because he remedies the burst damage the title can’t answer alone.

Love the squadron wing, I’ve fought it and it does work.  If you’re going all-in on the speed trick, I would consider dropping Admo for some flotillas, SAd, a bid and a Hammerhead with Cham?  You could probably justify keeping the Phylons then, because it is a cool combo with the activations and initiative to pull it off.

Goid luck, hope this helps!


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