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Goldfinch's Rebel Gallery (09/09)

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1 hour ago, BlueSquadronPilot said:

Fleet trooper with A280, gives me that original Battlefront vibes. Great work on the troops!

Thanks! I was actually inspired by a battlefront render (the 2015 one though) for my troopers

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Posted (edited)

Pathfinders done, in my usual colours. I decided on tan vests instead of black, to make them more distinct from the regular troopers. 
When I saw Bistan's space-suit looking outfit, I decided that I wanted to paint it a bit different. He ended up in the style of an x-wing pilot. 
His lower left arm was missing, because something always is, so I decided to sculpt a replacement arm. First time really doing anything like that, but I think it ended up quite well. 

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20 hours ago, Sharkbelly said:

Wow! If you hadn't pointed it out, I never would have known.

Glad to hear that! It is always unfortunate when parts are missing, but it did turn into some good sculpting practice

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One of my friends had good luck with his order, but everything I've gotten from them has had a really thick frosted coating that's been difficult to get rid of without damaging the mini. 

I decided to check out some licensed printers on etsy instead, at least for the skull forge minis. 

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