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First Tournament (casual). Clones

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Going to my first organized event this weekend at my LGS. I’ve tried out my list but I’ve only ever played against my brother. Not quite sure what the meta is for clones. Looking for tips or suggestions.


++  Standard (Galactic Republic) [800 Points] ++


+ Commander +

•Clone Captain Rex [102 Points]: Aggressive Tactics, Recon Intel


+ Corps +

Phase I Clone Troopers [95 Points]: DC-15 Phase I Trooper, Phase I Clone Trooper

Phase I Clone Troopers [95 Points]: DC-15 Phase I Trooper, Phase I Clone Trooper

Phase I Clone Troopers [95 Points]: DC-15 Phase I Trooper, Phase I Clone Trooper

Phase I Clone Troopers [94 Points]: Phase I Clone Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Z-6 Phase I Trooper

Phase II Clone Troopers [112 Points]: Hunter, Phase II Clone Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Z-6 Phase II Trooper

+ Heavy +

TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank [207 Points]: TX-130 Beam Cannon Turret, Veteran Clone Pilot

++ Total: [800 Points] ++


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Hi, good luck on the weekend! I am going to assume you have limited unit options so Ill start with some playing tips.

You don't have many activations, so your opponent will likely try to force you to come to them. That could be a problem because you'll finish moving your units up while they still have units that can activate and shoot you. Rex's scouting party and take that clankers can help a bit here because you can possibly start the fight in shooting range but it is something to watch out for.

The tank is really interesting to play. On one hand it can be really tough to bring down, armour + red defense dice. On the other hand an entire army crit fishing can bring it down in a few turns. I find the best way to run the tank is on a flank, hit one unit at a time and kill it so the enemy struggles to get multiple units in range at once.

As for list changes, it seems likely that you don't have any more physical models to add but Ill make some suggestions anyway.

R2-D2 is such a boon to a list like this. 1 extra activation, has the potential to score a bonus victory point, and increases the tanks health from 9 to 13. The easiest way to fit R2 would be to drop the extra troopers on the DC15 squads.

I highly recommend overwatch on the Phase 2 troopers. If any of your other clone squads loose the heavy weapon the unit leader can just hide and aim + standby every turn. That'll allow the phase 2s to shoot multiple times. It will also work well with rex. His weapon is only range 2, if he doesn't want to push forward to shoot he can just overwatch instead so he still contributes to the fight.

Finally (instead of R2) dropping all the extra troopers and the targeting scopes would give you enough points to add a whole extra phase 1 unit with a z6. Targeting scopes are good on a z6 unit (especially if you have a specialist to generate the aim tokens) but it is hard to pass up a whole extra activation with a heavy weapon.

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Qark got a lot of the big things!

Totally need Overwatch on those phase IIs, clones have a lot of power in sharing standby tokens and Overwatch gives you nearly a range 5 bubble from the original clone unit since you can share standby tokens with the clonetrooper keyword! 

R2-D2 is basically an auto include right now, so I would totally bring him along. Extra minis are good, but you can combine 4 of them into a naked squad. I recommend bringing 4 main attack squads and 2 naked squads to free up some points. Those units can still aim and standby or some combination of tokens so they actually do a lot of work. 

I like the Tank build, the tank can bring a lot of power to your list. If you decide to bring R2, make sure to keep him close as the tank can get focused down pretty hard. Keep your commander safe and focus on individual units. keeping your units out of range early can be very beneficial to clones who can turn the tide of battle in a single activation. 

Do not be scared to use firesupport when you think it could really do some damage. On the same note, do not use firesupport too often or you won't have enough activations to keep your opponent's movement in check. 

Have fun and be sure to pay attention to what goes on in your games (win or loss) and ask your opponent what they were thinking or any advice. The game is more fun imo when you understand what is going on at a competitive level. 

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Thank you both for your input! The event was cancelled, as so many other things are being right now. This gives me time to test out an R2 change on tts to see if I want to invest the money and points into him! Thanks again for the feedback.

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