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Any Good Soontir Alt Art Cards?

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7 hours ago, Covered in Weasels said:

@Autosketch (formerly known as citruscannon) makes some really stunning pieces. This thread has their alt art Soontir in the first post of the thread.

How would you guys recommend getting that printed so it felt legit? 

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I’ve had a go at printing these cards. The below process is one that worked well for me, and is very straightforward. Please note that I do not take responsibility for misprints, but if you do run into problems with the print process, please let me know!cards

  1. Download all relevant source material, card fronts and back you intend to use.
  2. Register a free account here.
  3. Start a card project:
    • Custom Game Cards, (blank both sides), which you can find here. Makeplayingcards.com offers two sizes: game cards (63mm x 88mm) and Traditional game cards (63.5mm x 89mm). Pilot cards in X-wing for example are 63.5 x 88mm, so it’s sort of in between.(You can also ask for a custom die, which would be right on, but honestly, a 0.5mm discrepancy in the width of the die is basically unnoticeable in my experience). I use the Traditional game card setting, it looks good.
    • Full colour print
    • Paper quality: 330gsm or plastic
    • Print bleeding: The files have the requisite bleed. You do not have to resize the files for this, just upload into the editor. There is an outline of card removed from each dimension, cut off each side of your images that you upload. The final image of what the cards will look like is what you see on the screen. This allows printing to the edge without inconsistent white gaps.
    • Safe Area: highlighted with a red dotted line. Roughly everything you need (except the ship icon) will be inside this line. If it is not, please screenshot the image and send it to me so I can troubleshoot.

Make sure you select different background images for card fronts and same image for card backs, you don’t need any text.

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Posted (edited)
23 hours ago, Brien5723 said:

Hoarder of garlic bread, can you post a pic of the soontir card? 



I would have responded Soontir, had I known earlier. In order to tag someone, write in @ and without any spaces, start to write in the user's name. When the auto-suggest includes the name in list, click it, and they will be tagged. Like this! @Brien5723

Edit: just realized that the sleeve is starting to crinkle. Should probably replace that. Don't worry, I wouldn't let a treasured card fall to disarray!

Edited by Hoarder of Garlic Bread

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