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Advanced Transponder Net

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It has allowed me to survive on full hull well into the 4th or 5th round with just 4 bombers, making it impossible for my flagship to go down before the end of the game. Like jabbawookie said, having to chew through that hull is annoying and forces some unmitigated flak. And if you happen to face a squadless opponent, I've now got 4 bombers. So, you know, that's cool.

Another thing about it. It doesnt say "this ship". It says they are not allowed to attack "a ship". In my first runs with it, I successfully put it on a gozanti, and could cover half my fleet if I flew tight enough. Distance 1-2 plus distance 1 engagement is a LOT of table space. If you get it going right, it really does feel like a net. And I invested less than 50 points to do it. I dont think I'm going to run a non-134 list without it from now on.

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