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Nanok Shatter question

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Nanok shatter ability is the following:


From the rules reference:

Double Symbols:

As a combat action, a player can stack another combat token on top of 
a token with a faceup double symbol. The token stacked on top of the double symbol is considered to be doubled. Both tokens are spent at the same time when the top token is used. 

̉ Only one token can be stacked on another; a stacked token cannot 
have another token stacked on top of it.
̉ A token stacked on top of a double token can be recast, flipped, and 
removed from the combat pool. If it is recast or flipped, it returns to 
the top of the stack once the effect resolves. 
̉ Once stacked, the double token is immune to all effects while there 
is a token on top of it. It cannot be recast, flipped, removed from the 
combat pool until spent, etc

The question: May i remove with this ability the mentioned token, if it is on a double symbol token?

I was thinking about that because in the rules reference the following is written: "The token stacked on top of the double symbol is considered to be doubled."

which makes me think maybe i have to consider that a 2 enemy damage token so i can not remove it.

what do you think?


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