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Inconspicuous vs Trained in Your Jedi Arts

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Had an issue over the weekend at a Prime with the interaction between Trained in Your Jedi Arts and Inconspicuous R2.  Inconspicuous reads "While a unit with the Inconspicuous keyword has at least one suppression token, when an enemy unit performs an attack, it must target another unit if able" and here is an image of the command card:


The situation was that both R2 and a BARC speeder were at range 1 of Grievous and R2 had a suppression token. There is no clear answer on if TIYJA ignores Inconspicuous and is able to attack R2 or if he must attack the BARC speeder twice, or can only attack the BARC speeder once.


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You can legally attack R2 because of the "if able" part at the end of Inconspicuous. The attack from TIYJA that targets R2 does not have the option to be redirected to a different unit. Under normal circumstances of making an attack, you have the option to choose any defender you like (within the parameters of course) and are thus obligated to choose the BARC because it's legal to do so. In the case of TIYJA, you go through each enemy one by one and ask yourself "do I want to attack this unit?" (because it says "may"). When you reach R2, attacking the BARC is not an option that's available to you.

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