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One Shall Stand Tournament - Aldershot (UK)

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 *** One Shall Stand Tournament ***

 When: Saturday 12th June.

 Starts: 14:00

 Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot.

 Entry: £3.00

 Format: Mono Deck

  Just to mix things up a little this month it's mono deck time!! happy.gif Your deck may only contain ONE Race and No Neutral Units, simples. For the purposes of this tournament Skaven all classed as a race and may not take Neutral Units either. Apart from that Standard Deck Construction Rules apply.

 I've managed to acquire a few extra goodies for prize support too! happy.gif

 Any questions please give us a call on 01252 311443.

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ChaosChild said:

So if you went with a Skaven deck, would it matter what capital you used (destruction only obviously)? And neutral support cards are OK?

 Yes, Skaven can use any Destruction Capital, or the mysterious and invisible Skaven one that we all know exists, but can't see, also know as just not using one as we all know what the areas do now..............happy.gif

 I pondered on the neutral support thang, and, even though I may live to regret this, I'm going to allow it.

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