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painted rulers

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A topic came up at the local store the other night that has some mystery to it.  The mystery is... 1) is it true and 2) where would it be found if true

Discussion - A guy at the shop said painted rulers are not legal at regionals. I kind of thought that was crazy myself.

Since the discussion, I have found In the tournament rules that painted rulers are legal (page 5 left column last paragraph).

 So some are taking it like it is the law, others are saying well in 40k this happens, but it says in the rules it is legal. 

Can anyone clarify if painted rulers are legal at all levels of play?

Thanks in advance.


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9 hours ago, Thraug said:

Maybe he is referring to a recent ruling that paintings containing markers for ranges are not legal? Not sure where I read this, or if it's even true?

Not exactly a recent ruling. This line has always been in the Tournament Regulations (I’ve bolded the important part):

“Players may mark their tokens, range ruler, and movement tools to indicate ownership as long as the function of the component is not compromised.”

You're definitely allowed to paint your accessories. But if a judge deems your paint job as compromising its function (e.g., you marked some important distances in the middle of range bands), you’re in trouble.

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