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Naboo Styled Bases (would like some help)

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Hello everybody!

I've been pretty big into Legion since release and I've slowly been working on getting my models looking good and improving my paint techniques. I believe I'm at a comfortable skill level and have begun looking at basing techniques.

I'm mostly wondering what type of hobby grass, or grass powder, or what I should use to make my bases be Naboo themed? I'm going for a Great Grass Plains theme where the Gungans fought the Trade Federation droids. I think the green grass really pops and makes the tan, sort of dull droids stand out. I'm just asking for your opinions on what basing technique I should use to get the desired result. 

I haven't seen anybody base their minis this way yet, but I may have just missed the topic.


TLDR: Should I use green turf that I sprinkle on the base? Grass mat sheets that I cut out into circles onto my bases? Or should I go with GamersGrass tufts and just grab a ton of the trays to base my whole army?


Thanks for the advice and help :)


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