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Recently I've got finally back into X-Wing and I've got a few events coming up. Would appreciate the communities advice or just general views on this list I've put together. I'm fairly set on playing as FO, and semi decided on including Kylo. (Such a fun ship to fly!) However that's not final, or indeed set in stone. Thanks all.


TIE/ba Interceptor - •Major Vonreg - 59
    •Major Vonreg - Red Baron (57)
        Daredevil (2)

TIE/vn Silencer - •Kylo Ren - 80
    •Kylo Ren - Tormented Apprentice (76)
        Advanced Optics (4)

TIE/sf Fighter - •“Backdraft” - 55
    •“Backdraft” - Fiery Fanatic (39)
        Fanatical (2)
        Special Forces Gunner (10)
        Advanced Optics (4)

Total: 194/200

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Seems fine.  Three good pilots, no bad upgrades.  That's almost always going to result in a decent-enough list.

It won't always be exactly like what someone else would build, but everybody likes different toppings on their pizza.




If I'm going to go full-nitpick based on my own preferences:

  • One strength of Backdraft is that they don't necessarily need the gunner, but there's nothing wrong with the Gunner on BD.  Fanatical could be cut from BD if you really wanted a bigger bid, but 6 seems reasonable in a lot of local scenes.
  • Optics is good but optional on Kylo.
  • Not saying Backdraft is a weakness, but the weakest ship is probably Backdraft.  They aren't super mobile, and are a bit more of a bruiser sort of ship which might be vulnerable given two arc dodgy aces.
    • Maybe it'd be better to go something more ace-like with a 2nd Silencer (Init 4 FOTP with Fanatical is solid and leaves some bid space, and I've even liked the Init 1 SJ Engineer)
    • Maybe switch to a 4-ship list.
      • A pair of no-upgrade Zetas would fit, or maybe two TIE/fo with a toy or two (Proud Tradition Omegas seem like a solid new filler).
      • Heck, maybe a no-upgrades Backdraft and an Epsilon TIE/fo.
      • And if it's a 4-ship list, Holo seems to get pretty good.  There are more potential blockers and fillers to toss your Strain/Deplete to, or maybe someone in a good position you can throw a focus or evade onto.

There's a lot of potential options.  I can't necessarily say any of them are better.  First Order are a great faction in the sense that all their ships and nearly all their pilots are fairly decent, and almost every list will have no bad pilots, and it's easy to avoid bad upgrades, and that's often good enough.

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If you are thinking about tournaments, best thing to do is drop special forces gunner and fanatical from backdraft. This gives you 18pt bid vs the boogieman Boba/Fenn who mostly carries 16pt bid.

If competitive scene is not your thing, then what you got is fun and nothing really wrong with it. I dont care for adv optics on Kylo and would rather use the points to get DPC on vonreg or something.

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