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What happens if you don't have minifigures?

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In Italy Lieutenents packs are no longer available from the publisher. You can find something in English from outside Italy but shipping costs are expensive, so I thought about something different for our quest:

in the pictures you can see a really wicked Eliza Farrow near her altar in the mission "Blood will tell".
You can also see the protective wards (the brown columns).  You can notice there is a lever on it. If the hero successed in disable it, he have to pull down the lever!

Not so serious, but really funny!!




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That is a wonderful idea.

I actually have 2 large boxes full of lego next to my  Descent collection...


As for lieutenants, most have been impossible to get in Spain, so I got some from France in French (those from the base game), and others from an online shop in the netherlands with reasonable shipping prizes (the lieutenents from MoB and TCtR, plus Trollfens).

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On 2/21/2020 at 7:22 AM, Skulmaster said:

Great idea but it would totally break my immersion:)

You have to believe. Just drink this nice red juice....


I think the lacy tablecloth would break my immersion more though *grins*

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