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Distributor Problems

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My FLGS has had multiple issues with Alliance, but the owner feels that he can't do anything about it because Alliance handles all Asmodee products and he doesn't want to get cut off.  Alliance did not deliver the latest wave of X-Wing on time, my FLGS was told to expect it Thursday the 6th.  The 6th came and they only received one box of TIE/ba fighters.  The Fireballs came in the mail on Saturday.  As to the rest of the order he reached out to them again Monday and today and only just found out that they did not allocate him enough stock and that they were all out.  This is not a one time issue.  Every wave in 2019 had some sort of problem, either late delivery or not the requested amount of product.  We preorder so that he can tell Alliance exactly how many he needs and they still fail to deliver time and time again.

Where can the owner of the FLGS file a complaint(s) against Alliance without fear of retribution? 

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