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Structure and support for Germany went BOOM!

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I’m quite concerned regarding L5R in Germany.

At first I was wondering why there is no Kotei announced on FFG’s site for 2020.

Then I was not able to find any Dragon Clan Pack in my local game store and not even in online ones except for the English version which I would not mind in the first place but up until now I was playing with my friend who has difficulties understanding English rulings and it also sucks to have to play with mixed language cards.

Then I found out that the localized German version will not be continued and organized play support was also canceled by the German branch of asmodee.

O.o I am so bummed I will possibly not buy further stuff as I am quite sure the way this game is managed in my country it will become more and more niche and lose more and more players and it will be harder to introduce new ones to the game.


As I did only notice these circumstances by digging for it I wonder how other countries handle the game organized play vise and how do you grow and care for it?

I did see Koteis announce for Spain and France but also read that a Kotei for Poland is missing too.


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Four people (I think), including me, rose to the occasion (Arkham Horror, anyone?) and registered a Kotei for their city. As far as I know, that should be Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Kaiserslautern and Berlin. However, with literally no response from FFG regarding European Koteis and further proceedings, we're left in the dark and cannot announce anything. But as soon as we get any information, you can be sure that we'll be posting it on Facebook, here, the German forum, twitter, discord, etc. 

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