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Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

I added Early Missions for Star Wars Sqaudrons and All Game Achievements to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun’s Legion Off Topic But Very Much Star Wars Thread

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My brief Star Wars Sqaudrons review before I get on again ~

I’ve had the game for six days.

I’ve played a total of 49 hrs including some STRAIGHT sessions of 8, 9, 7 hrs respectively.    No shame.  NO.  SHAME.

My diet is shot.   Eating too much snacks while gaming.  Had more diet Mountain Dew at 49 than I had at 18, my fingers are blistered.  

My current game strategy is simple to follow:  3, 2, 1,  6.

3 hrs for sleep, 2 showers a day, 1 real meal with mega vitamins, 6 hrs to game.   Missed the gym three times in six days.  No Shame.  NO.  FIIIIIN. Shame.

I’ve have cursed out kids 1/3 my age in languages lost to time.   NO. SHAME. 

If I cursed you or your child out in game, I’m sorry.    You Rebel SCUM. 


I need to get back into the cockpit. 




May God have mercy on My soul. 

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