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Triple Bs + HWK-290

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I am trying to get a stress sharing list to work between the 3 named B-Wing pilots and Jan Ors but I'm unsure what to load the squad out with?

  • Jan Ors (41 pts)
  • Gina Moonsong (50 pts)
  • Braylen Stramm (52 pts) - (Predator (2 pts))
  • Ten Numb (48 pts)

Total: 193 points

The idea is to fly Jan just behind Braylen to enable the additional attack die. Braylen needs to stay stressed and Jan needs to be able to clear stress. How do I achieve this?

Gina needs to stay stressed to be able to pass stress token/s to Ten so he can utilize the stress token/s for dice mods. How do I achieve this?

I'm not sure how well this list would go against swarms or even in a tourney, but if I could get it to work, I think it would be a ton of fun.


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Nien Nunb and Engine Upgrade on Jan. Nien to give you a better dial for clearing stress, EU to make sure you can boost without then double stressing yourself when you use Jan's ability. 


Stressing a B-Wing is the easy part. Gina can stress herself the same way Ten and Braylen normally do. Focus, link into a red barrel roll and deliberately fail the roll. It's ever slightly easier to manipulate that with Gina and Ten because Gina will always move after Ten. Fly them next to each other, lock with Ten, move Gina up next to him, have her focus, link into barrel roll, roll into Ten, fail it and then pass the stress over.

Honestly, though, I think that's overkill. Gina is only a better option if Ten can't roll into red lock from Stabilised S-foils. That's the most efficient play for him.


Drop Predator on Braylen, he doesn't need it. You could use the last 2 points to give Ten and Braylen Crack Shot, but I'd probably give Ten the S-foils so that he can take a red lock if Gina's not around. 


Your only problem here is going to be shedding stress on Braylen. Without Cassian or Leia around, either you have to keep dialing in his limited blues or you lose your double mods and access to red maneuvers. Those red 1 tallon rolls are absolutely clutch on B-Wings and you will need them. 



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Braylen already gets access to rerolls, so Predator doesn't seem like a great upgrade there.  I think it'd probably be good on Gina or Ten.  Ten has focus-type modification from stress, so a reroll is extra nice.  Gina will probably often get stress from a Focus > Roll, so will probably have a focus token, again making reroll nice.

Braylen can make good use of Crack Shot.  I guess Crack Shot is nice on everyone, and saves more points.

Another neat upgrade to consider is Jyn Erso on Jan Ors.  Jan can be a bit squishy, and doesn't have a lot of offensive output at best, so an Evade is a great token for her.  Meanwhile, Ten can, if doing a Focus > Roll, take an Evade instead of a Focus, since he's already got the stress to spend.  That's not stunningly powerful, but it's OK.

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  • Jan Ors (45 pts) - Lando, EU
  • Gina Moonsong (53 pts) - Crack Shot, Jamming Beam, S-foils
  • Braylen Stramm (53 pts) - Crack Shot 
  • Ten Numb (49 pts) - Crack Shot

Total: 200 points

So I tried the above list and went up against 4x Starvipers all with Crack Shot, 7x Trade Fed Drone with Grappling Strut and ESC's and 4x Fangs  with Fearless.

I flew all B-Wings in a straight line with Jan following closely behind. The Vipers were flying in a box formation. Straight up joust. Crack Shot was well worth it for defensive type mods as I was definitely getting enough damage through. Once the Vipers shields were down, rolling crits was great. I won this game but lost Braylen and Ten in the process, with Jan only losing one shield and Gina losing two shields.

Going up against the Trade Fed drones was difficult. ESC's tore Braylen and Ten apart pretty rapidly and I got pretty well stomped from there.

Then the Fangs.... I actually swapped out the Crack Shots for Marksmanship to try and push more crits through and it payed off. Jan got hammered on the second pass and Gina was also a victim shortly after. Game finished with a narrow win.

This is a really fun list to fly, hits hard and has enough dice mods, although I think it will take some fine tuning to and practice to counter swarms. I think if I go up against unshielded swarms like TF drones, I'll swap the CS out for Marksmanship to try and push through more crits and see if I actually need the defensive dice mods or just go with pure offence. Thoughts?

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yea it sounds fine in a straight up joust. but I'd be concerned about more maneuverable lists. 4 vipers should have been using their superior dial and barrel rolls to pretty much be anywhere they want aside from directly in front of you. as for marksmanship vs crackshot, taking a defense die out is typically superior to changing a hit to a crit. changing that result doesn't matter if it doesn't break through the green dice. 

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