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Why is it so hard to buy X-Wing in Canada?

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I just moved to Canada from the US.

I was thrilled with the customer service we received from FFG in the US, and my local gaming store would always have lots of the new ships when a new wave was released.  I also had the option of ordering from FFG's online store, or from Amazon.

However, in Canada...  I tried to get a Huge Ship Conversion kit -- it took me two months to find one.  I bought my son a C-ROC for Xmas, and it took me until February to actually be able to use my Raider to play with him -- because something that was readily available in the US, couldn't be purchased in Canada unless we wanted to spend $70 on Amazon (and wait several weeks).

I've been trying to get the Hot Shots and Aces pack -- local stores say"Asmodee only sent us a couple and will only tell us that there is no stock left".  Amazon is selling if for $65!  If I want to get Vonreg -- local stores don't have it -- but I can buy it for $40 on Amazon (with the promise it will ship sometime in the next 3 weeks).  The shipping costs to Canada on your online store are prohibitive.

I love this game, my son loves this game.  We've spent over $1,000 in the last couple of years to play it.  I guess I don't understand why its so hard to make it available to Canadians.

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Let me count the ways...

1) Population concentrations are in larger cities, while rural areas have little to no gaming support.  As a result, if you don't live near Montreal, Toronto, or Calgary, (to name a few), you have a harder time finding things.  Some of the smaller cities have some game stores, but it's usually only one, maybe two, and they have niche player markets.  Where I am, for example, the two largest game stores are primarily supporting Magic: The Gathering or Warhammer/Warhammer 40K for the tabletop market.

2) Asmodee distribution in Canada is terrible.  Also, FFG has been having some supply chain issues.

3) Smaller areas have extremely small player communities - it's hard for a bricks-and-mortar store to justify an expenditure to get in product for just a few players to buy a single ship from a wave, or in some cases, a couple.

4) Shipping to Canada is expensive - the conversion rate alone requires stores to charge more to customers in order to make up the cost after conversion.  It's also not always easy to use road transportation if you're in an outlier area like the East Coast.

I'm with you - I'd like it to be easier as well.  Fortunately, I'm in a place that does provide some X-Wing support; we even have a store championship once in a while.  But I can count the regular players at the store on one hand.


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