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Question about wards and the golden rule

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Hi new player to keyforge snd have a question about wards in regards to the golden rule

The golden rule states; 'if a card text contradicts the rules of the game, then the card text takes precedence'

So if I play an action card that let's me archive a creature and I choose a warded creature. Does the creature get archived as the card says or just lose its ward.

Thanks for the help

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You missed a very important word in The Golden Rule:  "If the text of a card directly contradicts the text of the rules, the text of the card takes precedence."

In the case of a warded creature, the Ward would prevent the creature from leaving play, and the creature in play could not be archived. 

For card text to directly contradict the rules, it would have to say "Archive a creature from play, ignoring any effects or tokens that might prohibit it from leaving play."

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