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Jedi Knight Xan

First two Stormtroopers

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Have had IA for a while, just finished the first App campaign and decided to give painting a go.  I want to make sure to give Sorastro a shout out here.  Watched a  lot of his videos before deciding to give this a shot, so a big thank you to him.  Before this a few armada squadrons is all I have ever painted.  The scale and detail on these makes them a totally different animal.  Overall they are OK, not super thrilled but a good starting spot.

Photography isn't great (and I really had to compress file size to get it attached here, is there a way to have a google drive photo link show the picture here?  The insert other media did not take it),  I have not dull coated and then gloss coated the tops yet.  Any feed back is greatly appreciated.  I feel I need to try and get a little bit of white between the eyes and the black bit at the top of the helmet. 

Two different techniques with these guys.  One was spray painted with a very old can of testors white spray paint, and the other had a its base layer done with very thin coats of hobby lobby paint.  I couldn't highlight with the hobby lobby stuff, it looks so patchy when watered down so went and got some citadel white scar.  I was skeptical but that stuff is worth it!  Also can't really tell here but dry brushed some lead belcher on the guns.  Really shows up on the guy on the left, not as much on the guy on the right.  

ST1.JPG.8c3dd0e67022b09216167eca4d43d967.JPG ST2.JPG.64cac92244012e6728eb82c15be1adc0.JPG

Question on primer for future minis.  All I saw at my hobby stores was either citadel primer ($$$), or one had a giant can of Vallejo hobby spray, that I couldn't quite tell if that was primer.  I held off due to size and price.  I have seen that Krylon primer can work but the hardware store down the street only had primer and paint in one, and that didn't look quite right.  Has anyone had any success with something like that?

Thinking a few more Stormtroopers then the E-Webs, then on to the Royal guards (I am really looking forward to getting them painted).

Thank you


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Nice work! I find stormtroopers tough to paint- whites in general are hard to get right. Fancier paints certainly help though. It looks like you did a wash with some thinned-down black paint?

When you're posting, the bottom right corner has a button for "Insert other media" -> "Insert image from URL". I've never tried this through Google Drive, but I think it should work? Alternatively you can make an account on Imgur or something.

I use Vallejo surface primer. It doesn't feel particularly cheap, but it does go a long way. I've painted quite a few figures and I'm only about ~25% of the way through my 60ml bottle.

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