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What to do with Assaj?

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(57) Latts Razzi [YV-666 Light Freighter]
(6) Jabba the Hutt
(10) Han Solo
(2) Contraband Cybernetics
(4) Trick Shot
Points: 79

(72) Asajj Ventress [Lancer-class Pursuit Craft]
(5) 0-0-0
(9) Hate
(2) Contraband Cybernetics
(2) Electronic Baffle
(1) Shadow Caster
Points: 91

(30) Unkar Plutt [Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug]
Points: 30

Total points: 200

Ok, so I'm now feeling Unkar might be a little bit next level here.

ALL IN on this Assaj, she's a star. Baffle, CC are situational. Can be very impactful, but if 4pt was needed elsewhere, that's where I'd find it. Not sure which I'd lose 1st. However, I love having them, those situations can be played for and 4pt is a bargain, when it combines with everything else.

I don't really understand how to blend Unkar in fully, as yet. He needs to get in the thick, he can't flank, but he's too slow to leapfrog the large bases. They often need to be close, so he's awkward to position.

His shenanigans, which are awesome. Require at least a little room to make the most of too.

Ramming the big ships into him to grant a reposition is pretty cool. As a blocker, he's half Nantex, half potato, it's glorious.

The tractor in this list is just huge now. Called a super short game against a new player after lining up an inevitable SoE Lando/rock situation, having just melted Wedge. Poor guy, I was spare and only had one list with me. Unkar basically pulled the entire mat out from under him.

Played in very good spirits, as a quick lesson in horror :D

Didn't manage to get Dash with it in another but threw Miranda about a bit.

Daft clash with 4 Fangs that looked like going either way for 3 turns before we called it, after a massive cluster****, to do a switcheroo. Had no idea what to do with him here except let him die.

Definitely seems worth working it all out, the list functions well with a disruption in the midst of things. Just need to piece together these 3 on the table, majestic things will happen.

Unless it's against one of things that plain counters it. 4x Ion Scurrg pasted me on Fly Casual. The AI on there is not smart, feelsbad. 

Final note on this. Lego is necessary. Laughing, joking also. A cavalier attitude to your own ships health and unbiased joy in all ensuing carnage. 

This list has the potential to make people hate you forever, played any other way.


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As above. For emphasis.

Played 5 with it today. Lost to 4 HU T70s and 5 Rep Ion Ys loaded with bombs. Both horrible match ups but surprisingly, almost winnable. The 4X in particular. 

The reason is just Assaj. Unkar and Latts were a ball, pulled their weight and worked well. But the Assaj build dominates, didn't lose her in any of the 5 and earned more than she cost in all of them. Every upgrade on there did the thing it was there to do and was always clutch. Large ships die on marginal planning errors, sometimes a turn or 2 later, often inevitably. The tools she has here just keep on mitigating that.

So the build has entered addiction territory now, I'm probably incapable of running her differently. Just need to work out how to fit different things around her.

Also achieved the dream. Unkar Nantexing a really expensive big thing :D


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