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Here is a Threat Tracker App (plus statistical evaluation of your logged games)

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I made a threat tracker app (for Android only), in which the played games are also logged. Until now, that database of mine grew and I decided to add some statistical features. Neat and nice, if you ask me! This app might be of interest for you, too. The app is in english (with some exeptions e.g. format of time, because I am from germany ;D). It does not have much text anyway, so it is undestandable for all of you. As a mobile phone is similar in size as the conventional trackers from the game, there is not much more space on the gaming table needed.


Features, the obvious ones

  • tracks own threat
  • counts rounds
  • displays starting time and duration of current round
  • shows total time of play and the duration for each round after a game

Free of built-in bulls**t

  • no $/€/whatever to download/use
  • no built-in advertising
  • no bandwidth consumation


Here is a quick start guide



And even more features

  • aids you with compution of the quest resolution (for up to for 4 players)
  • stores all your games in a data base
  • displays history of your last games
  • displays win rate, average duration and amount of games for each mission seperated by player count (statistics available either per mission or per player count)
  • statistics per year: shows amount of games, diversity of your missions, mean difficulty of your games, and win rates (total plus seperated for each player count). additionally, that "value x" from visionofthepalantir.com (at the end of that article) is computed
  • statistics per difficulty rating: shows the availabiliy of mission for each difficulty, your personal amount of played missions per difficulty level, your win rate (total plus seperated for each player count). The difficult rating can be set to the official values or the (built in) user ratings from the LotR LCG Quest Companion

Requirements for this app

  • basically, none
  • if you want to export the data base (to text file), the app needs access to the storage of your mobile

Download (and more impressions from the app)

Either get it directly from here or visit my page (https://www.skillen.de/apps/) to see some screen shots from the app.


Because the app is not available in google play store (you have to pay a registation fee to make your apps available there and I don't want to pay that) you have to download and install it manually. Therefore you have to enable installation support from 3rd party sources on your mobile. (e.g. see this link https://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-install-apks-31494/ if you do not know how to do so). Then, just click on the downloaded apk file, installation starts automatically.


Closing words

This app was done in my spare time, without any profit in mind. It is created with the App Inventor 2 from the MIT. This is (obvious) not an official product from FFG. Nontheless, I used some graphics/icons from the card game. I should be forgiven. ;) Anyhow, I would love to see other people use my work and I am glad about any kind of feedback! For the very moment v1.52 is the current version.


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The current version is v1.53

The last played mission is now allways in the dropdown for the detailed statistics, regardless of the amount of times played. Adjusted the user voted difficulty (from LotR Quest Companion) of the later missions. Also, added mission names up to The Land of Sorrow.

Download can be found at www.skillen.de/Apps/

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Tried it a bit. Seems nice. Need to adjust myself to not look for the cardboard tracker when making engagement 🙂

It's meant to be 1 pr. player, even if playing the same game? Or you just solo, so it's not something you considered? (I can only get 1 threat counter, but multiple Willpower counters).

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Yes, it is ment one app per player. And no, I do play solo as well as multiplayer.

It originaly was develloped just to replace thet threattracker wheel. Over time features were added.

However, in my playgroup (a lot of games are with 4 players) just one player does the math. But with 4 players these numbers can get high, they varry from round to round and therefore you have to keep like 5 numbers in mind. That is why I added the possibility for 4 willpower counters.

As you might have noticed, using the willpower/threat counter is uncouppled from all other features.


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