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is The post ok to go up?  If not, what do I need to change?

Hey there!  As you can tell I'm new to the forum and the game!  But  based on what I've seen, I find myself in a pretty unique position in Legion; my whole army is wookiees!



Luke Skywalker:

Force Reflexes, Force Push




3xRebel Scum with Z-6

Special Forces:

3xWookiee Warriors with Bowcasters and Recon Intel

Total: 800


I got into this game because of great friend of mine gifted me half his Legion set of Christmas (It was super nice of him!  What a champion)!  Normally I wouldn't be interested in playing as rebel filth (seeing as the Empire is 100% more awesome), but as you can see I managed to make the army into something I'm really happy with!  All it took was picked up 3 boxes of wookiees and Chewbacca and now I'm pulling the arms out of people's sockets!

My friend and I played 2 games and I noticed that the more wookiees I added the better I did.  The final game was an 800 points (I used a similar list to what is seen above) and we're both convinced wookiees are total bs!


I'd love to see a battle report with painted minis (I haven't gotten around to painting mine yet) to see how well the list would do in a different gaming circle.


Get wook!

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Normally, I'd say wookies/Chewbacca without Han do pretty poorly. However, with this much melee compact into one army i guess it's really powerful. Unless your opponent is able to set up a really good gun line this army is pretty unstoppable as far as attacking goes. So it probably would do pretty poorly against a clone army. With fire support they could wreck this army pretty easily. But against any other faction it seems like this would work great. Where this army is left wanting though is activations. With only eight activations I wonder how well it does with many of the objectives. It'd seem like your opponent could get objectives easily by just outnumbering you. Haven't tried anything like this though and I'm very intrigued I'll have to try it sometime. 

BTW sounds like you have a totally awesome friend

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As I said, I’m pretty new to legion and I suspect against a more traditional army, the list will start to run into problems.  It’s still a lot of fun though!


and ya he is!

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I love the Wookiee.  I ran a two Wookiee list in a tournament a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t do all that well.  They don’t fare well against clones because they don’t have much offense outside of standby range.  So approaching a gun line or “clone/droid blob” is difficult. They also don’t have the power to stand toe to toe with any lightsaber hero so you have to be a bit protective of them that way.  But they are lots of fun.

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Welcome Wookerz!

I’m a big walking carpet fan myself, and most of my skirmish lists (as I rarely play 800) starts with one min and one max Wookie unit, with a trailing medical droid equipped trooper squad.  My opponents all seem to be in terror of them, especially on the small 3 x 3 board.

That white Defense die is a huge Achilles heel though.  So you really need to be as aggressive as possible with them and get stuck in before they melt.  They are also usually kited until at least turn 3 so you’re always trying to earn their points back late.  And don’t forget they have climb - the direct route is always the shortest and therefore best.

I play them because they are fluffy and fun, not to win tourneys. Approach a Wookie army with that mindset and you’ll have a barrel of laughs.

Side note: if you can nab the two Imperial Assault Wookie character minis, they make nice alternate models and are nearly the same height once you add a spacer under the molded base.




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