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Android/Shadowrun hack D&D dungeon crawl

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I am looking at running a Android/Shadowrun hack adventure and want to use a classic D&D dungeon crawl as the adventure.

I was thinking of doing A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity  but it has been a loooong time since I looked at any D&D module.

Any recommendations of a classic D&D dungeon crawl that:

  • Can be ported to a modern Cyber/Magic setting
  • Has an element of social combat and not just hack and slash

I plan on modifying the dungeon with electronic security to there can be hacking too.  Should be as fun to set up and run as a GM as it will be to play!

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To clarify you are converting this to Genesys right? If so, Just a usual reminder that:

a) Genesys by default lacks a dungeon crawl structure. What I mean by this is that unlike classic D&D which is structured by rounds and timers (very important for random encounters), Genesys is more triggered by individual dice rolls framing a scene (a point of meaningful choice). Thus, the pacing in Genesys is very different by system design, and that needs to be taken into account when translating it. You might not want to (or maybe want to) trigger a random encounter for each time the player rolls a threat, for example.

B) Genesys has a difficult time doing "closed rolls," which kind of makes all rolls susceptible to meta-game knowledge. On the basic level, you can't surprise your players by not knowing how difficult the task is or whether the task failed or succeeded, as you need to add specific numbers of difficulty dice to their pool and they need to see the results. This is not purely negative, you can surprise your players by giving them the false impression of that knowledge or induce paranoia (i.e. Why is his Discipline so high against my Charm? Why I'm I rolling a vigilance test this difficult? Oh no I failed, what happens!?), but can become problematic when some modules basically asks for a closed roll for their encounters; especially when dealing with NPCs and masking their difficulty to be persuaded. So if this does get brought up in translation, make sure you have a creative way of dealing with it.

That being said my suggestion is U1: Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh. It has a premise of the adventurers going into a haunted house, defeating a smuggling ring, corruption, some NPC potentially betraying you, and you raiding a ship at sea. Great for the default city of New Angeles.

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This is precisely why I am doing this!

I have been GMing FFG Star Wars for the past 4 years so an very familiar with the challenges and differences between the systems. I like a challenge!

I will be running these sessions online to a group I have been playing with for decades. It will be fun taking a different take on the dungeon crawl trope, being sci-fi/cyberpunk instead, but still fantasy.

We recently played The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, 1st edition D&D! We are a weird group like that sometimes.

I will check out U1. Pretty sure we paid that back in the day but I barely remember it.

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