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toxic newb

A tribute to Destiny

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We all know how destiny has been cancelled and that everyone is feeling salty about it. I just want to explain why I loved this game so much, even if I'm only a casual player.

1.The Youtube community

Dicecommando, t3Gaming, the hyperloops, arrowbrookgaming.

these guys made the community look so fun and I think they are the ones who got me into this.

2. The dice

big fan of them. Why I loved Dicemasters 

3. The gameplay

I know for a lot of people (even me sometimes) all we see is that there is no balance in the game but just making and playing with two BALANCED decks are so fun to play with casually. I love how instead of resolving damage right after activing a character you give the opponent time to react and do something about it. This was such an innovative idea for me.

4. Star Wars

self explanatory.

I've decided to step back from bashing ffg for the time I'm typing this and I hope you guys will also take the time to tell others why you played the game.

This game will always hold a special place in my heart since it got me into gaming. Now, I play a bunch of Keyforge, heroclix, transformers, x-wing, and age of rebellion thanks to destiny.

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