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Familar target

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From page 17 of the CRRG:

2. Familiars treated as figures/heroes
are treated as heroes
for the purpose of attacks, Monster
actions, Hero abilities and feats, hero skills, abilities of
items, relics, Search cards, and Overlord cards.

are not treated as heroes for the purpose of ally skills,
quest rules, Plot cards, travel events, Rumor cards and all
other game effects unless noted otherwise.
• may not trade equipment with heroes.
• do block line of sight and movement and are considered
friendly fgures to heroes.
• follow the same movement rules as heroes concerning
• can be affected by conditions and automatically fail
attribute tests.
• may use one of their available actions to perform an action
on a Condition card (e.g. to remove Stunned, Bleeding,
and Burning) or to climb out of a pit space.
• may receive insight, elixir, and valor tokens.
• familiars of this type: Brightblaze, Reanimate, Wolf


Generally the CRRG is your source of answers to this type of question :)

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Just as a complement to Xyphistor answer we are on the App/Road to Legend part .. so don't forgot to read the correspondant part :
- either on the CRRG always on p17 the frame down right of the page
- or on the Road to legend Rule book p.11 & 23

In short :


• Familiars are not affected by peril effects.
• When a monster is instructed to target a hero,
attackable tokens and familiars treated as heroes or
obstacles are included as possible targets.
• For the purpose of targeting, if a familiar or attackable
token does not have the statistic the monster is
targeting, that familiar or token is considered to have a
value of 0 for the corresponding statistic.
• Familiars are removed from the map in between stages
of The Delve, except Brightblaze, who is positioned
adjacent to Challara when heroes are placed on the map
of a new stage.


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