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I've Got My Ion You (Fireball Static Discharge Vanes)

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Pardon the awful pun in the title...

There's a real jank idea that's been in my head for quite some time, but I wanted to wait with it until all the cards for Fireball were spoiled to make sure the unreleased text didn't ruin the concept. Honestly, it sounds so silly and ridiculous that I'm not sure whether it won't actually work (ah, the beauty of jank), depending on the rest of the squad of course. Anyways, let's get right into it:

Lightning Rod

(29) R1-J5 [Fireball]
(4) R5 Astromech
(2) Deadman's Switch
(6) Static Discharge Vanes
(2) Kaz's Fireball
Points: 43

Total points: 43

Funnily enough, it seems that FFG suspected this kind of thinking, given their recent SDV change to also deal damage to the user. Thankfully, we still can rely on R5 astromechs to fix it.

What's the deal? Well, let me explain:

Step 1 - Use 'Kaz's Fireball' ability to search your deck for a 'Disabled Power Regulator' card and assign it to yourself.

Step 2 - SLAM your way into Range 0-1 of your chosen target, exposing the Disabled Power Regulator card (if you took other damage on the way, R1-J5 allows you to select what to expose). With Initiative 1 you can easily make sure you go where you want to go and maybe even block someone while doing so, just make sure to not get stressed.

Step 3 - At your Initiative, if you haven't blown up yet, use Static Discharge Vanes to transfer your ion token to a chosen enemy ship; your Critical Hit remains unrepaired, so that you can keep ionizing someone later. Stick close to keep ion flow going (Fireball's dial is good enough for that) and to make sure your Dead Man's Switch goes off if you get attacked (a potential deterrent for the target's wingmen).

Step 4 - In following rounds, use blue maneuvers to ditch stress and spend charges from R5 to repair excess damage from SDV; you can also use it to repair your Disabled Power Regulator card if you need to safely disengage.


So... yeah, it's ridiculous but I have a hunch that in some casual games it would be funny (or possibly frustrating) to play this thing :D After all, constant ionization is quite a threat, and 43p for this setup means there's still a lot of room for actual heavy hitters that can capitalize on this.

Thoughts? :D

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Honestly, I'd probably not bother with the R5. I might even just go with the i2 generic.

If they wanna shoot my 34/36 point (depending on if I did deadman's switch) piece of crap instead of something better, great! It's like Biggs for 2/3rds the cost.

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