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X-Wing Vassal module 8.7.9 (Last 4 arc autoranges, deplete token)

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Cliffsnotes of this update?

  • Want to activate the autoranges for the left arc, right arc, full front arc and full back arc? You can. These buttons are no longer disabled and show you the best line or the best band of lines you can get.
  • The deplete token was added in (wave 6+)
  • The ships (TIE/ba interceptor and fireball) and some pilot card art gfx which was added via the Content Checker has been included in this update. Both of those ships are playable.



New autoranges for arcs

  • Left Arc Autorange

  • Right Arc Autorange

  • Full Front Arc Autorange

  • Full Back Arc Autorange

  • Automatically routed Autorange NOT IMPLEMENTED for single and double turrets, use individual arc autoranges instead

New Depleted token

  • Should spawn with a few of the pilots that mention it

  • Can also be found in the Pieces window

Autospawn rework

  • This is an invisible upgrade in the background. The URL endpoint that was used to spawn a YASB2 list URL has been migrated to another. The old one will no longer be maintained so I had no choice but to follow the new one.

Bug Squashing:

  • I believe I’ve solved a seldom occurring bug involving rear arcs when the ship was facing a certain way (right, iirc). No targets were being found on the left. This has been resolved.

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