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New Player from Italy. Need help about translation in a quest

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Hi everybody, I'm the Overlord of a new group of Italian players.

We are playing Heirs of Blood Quest and the next adventure will be Caladen's Crossing. Obviously we use the Italian translation of the book, but I'm afraid there is a translation mistake in the text.

About the description of how to extinguish the fire, in the Italian version it is written "Every time a hero enter a blank space" but I think blank space (or the English for a place where nothing is present) makes no sense.

Is there anybody who can check the original book and write down first few lines of the chapter "Extinguish the fire"? Or post a picture or tell me if I can find the original text on the web?

Thank you! 


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Below is all the text in the Extinguishing the Fire section from the English version:

Each time a hero enters a water space, he may pick up 1 bucket of water. If he does, place 1 blue objective token on his Hero sheet. Each hero cannot carry more than 1 bucket of water.

Each time a hero carrying a bucket of water suffers 1 or more [Damage], he tests [Might] or [Willpower]. If he fails, he drops the bucket of water and places the blue objective token back near the River.

As an action, a hero that is carrying a bucket of water while on the Cabin or House may douse the flame. If he does and the associated red objective tokens are faceup, flip them facedown; if the red objective tokens are already facedown, discard them instead. For each objective token discarded in this way, the heroes place 1 villager token in their play area (see “Victory”).

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