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Yesterday I was watching one tv show called "Orphan Black"; pretty good, by the way, in my opinion.

I saw that few episodes ago, some people were playing a terrinoth game, but I couldn't tell what is it. Wars in terrinoth, maybe. They even mentioned "Mad Carthos".

But the last one has a true advertise. One guy was playing Descent and teaching a little girl. She was playing with Syndrael and facing some spiders, while we could see the box nearby. I told my wife, "look, it's my game!" 😄

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14 hours ago, rugal said:

If you have a link, maybe I can tell.

Wars in terrinoth, maybe you're thinking of Runewars (boardgame not the miniature one) ?

It's on netflix. I really can't tell the name of the first game, 'cause I don't know well the other games in Terrinoth universe. But probably you're right. :)

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