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Mandalore of the Rings

Best Skirmish Squad using only campaign heroes

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Funny idea. This would be mine:


40/40 Deployment
15/15 Command Points
15/15 Command Cards

Drokkatta [9]
Shyla Varad [8]
CT-1701 [7]
Onar Koma [6]
Vinto Hreeda [5]
Punishing Strike [2]
Temporary Alliance (M) [1]
Devious Scheme [1]
Extra Armor [1]
Assassinate [3]
Comm Disruption [2]
Call the Vanguard [2]
Tools for the Job [2]
Draw! [1]
Extra Protection [1]
Wild Fire [1]
Price on Their Heads [1]
Negation [1]
Stealth Tactics [1]
Celebration [0]
Urgency [0]
Set for Stun [0]
Positioning Advantage [0]
Opportunistic [0]

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That's fun.  I hadn't thought of using the 3 Mercs with TA.  Good team.  Here was my brawler/spy list:


8▪ Gaarkhan
8▪ Verena Talos
6▪ Davith Elso
5▪ Jarrod Kelvin
5▪ Tress Hacnua

3▪ Gideon Argus
3▪ Mak Eshkarey
1Extra ArmorNeutral.png
1▪ On A Diplomatic Mission
0▪ J4X-7
0▪ Heroic Effort

Plus appropriate brawler/spy cards etc.   Not the best list but might be fun to play.

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